In the little red school house
with my book and slate
in the little red school house
where I was often late...

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Our Philosophy - 'Balance, Structure & Routine'

We seek to provide children with a welcoming homely environment where their individual routines and needs are respected and catered for. A close attachment with their Primary caregiver (teacher) is encouraged.

The centre provides three separate age appropriate environments which enable us to meet children's differing learning stages in a flexible manner that respects their particular learning needs:

The centre also provides the 20 ECE hours for children aged 3, 4 & 5 years of age, enabling those children to attend the centre for 20 hours free education across a week, or up to 6 hours per day.

All environments provide children with stimulating and challenging experiences that will support them to become confident and competent learners, well prepared for their next learning pathway. We focus on noticing children's interests and planning to extend their learning in these areas. A well resourced environment along with qualified teachers ensures children have access to a rich library of learning experiences.

We believe the large space in our outdoor environment provides opportunities for children to extend their physical capabilities, explore the natural world and still allow for quiet areas of play.

Partnership with parents is integral to the life of our centre and we actively look for opportunities to work alongside parents to achieve the best for their child /children.

Strong links with the local school ensure that children transition from one education sector to another as smoothly as possible.

We aim to prepare children for their future learning pathways, well prepared for their next step in life.


West Melton Kindergarten, Nursery & Learning Centre, Phone 03 347-4132, Email: info@westmeltonkindergarten.co.nz