Enrolment - West Melton Kindergarten

Creating Confident,
Competent and Active Learners,
healthy in mind, body and spirit.


Our centre is open from 7.30am to 5.45pm Monday through to Friday.

In the Nursery and Kindergarten, a minimum session is 3 hours twice a week so the children are familiar with the environment, teachers and routines. In the Learning Centre a minimum of 3 sessions per week is required as school is the next step in their learning journey.

To download our enrolment form, click here.

Enrolment Fee

The centre has an enrolment fee of $45.00. This is an administration cost of setting up your child in the centre i.e. admin, portfolio book, photos etc. This fee is non-refundable and is required prior to your child starting at the centre to secure your child’s sessions.


If a public holiday falls on a day that your child would normally attend the centre, the full fee is payable due to employing permanent teachers.

If your child receives ECE hours no fee will apply.

The centre is closed for Public holidays only. We remain open for the two short weeks around Christmas and New Year on a user pays system.