Learning Centre - West Melton Kindergarten

Creating Confident,
Competent and Active Learners,
healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre was built with ‘preparation for school’ in mind. This section is for children aged 4-6 (flexibility 3 ¾ – 6) and maintains a balance of structure, routine and child’s choice. Four teachers care and teach in this area with a maintained ratio starting at 1-6. All permanent teachers are experienced Early Childhood Trained and Registered.

The Learning Centre encourages children to direct their own learning through their own individual interests and abilities. The teachers are available to scaffold and extend the children where necessary. Teachers administer care and education with guidance, support and understanding, with a learning programme that provides the appropriate development and needs for each individual child.  We provide challenging programmes and activities that promote physical, personal and intellectual development. These are based on our Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki. We believe in the Te Whāriki aspiration which is ‘for all children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and that they make a valued contribution to society’.

A stimulating learning programme will be provided to our children using the core curriculum areas.  Children learn through play and we provide a range of free choice, structured activities, individual and group learning including set group times. Children will learn at their own pace and be given many opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Every child will be respected and encouraged.

The dispositions of curiosity, taking an interest, perseverance, being involved, communication with others and taking responsibility, will be encouraged throughout our curriculum.

A range of activities will be provided including art, reading, music, dance, pasting, cutting, collage, dough, clay, painting, water play, puppets, blocks, puzzles, family play, dramatic play, carpentry, sand play, science, baking, nature, obstacles etc. As well as the core curriculum available, children will be taught life skills, maths, literacy, science, listening and comprehension skills, manipulative and physical skills.

Portfolio books record some of your child’s learning and are available in the room to view. We really appreciate your input into your child’s development and teachers are always available to catch up.

Our Learning Centre children go on local adventures around West Melton and once a year we take all of the Learning Centre children on an excursion outside of West Melton. In the past we have been to places such as The Antarctic Centre, Willow Bank and The Christchurch Museum.

The library bus visits our Learning Centre where children are able to board the bus and choose books for the centre.

Transition to School

We have a long ongoing relationship with West Melton School. We attend many of their events including pet days and athletic days. This gives children a chance to support older siblings, friends and previous learning centre children and to get a feel for the school environment. We help make the transition to school more comfortable by visiting the new entrance classroom termly. When children begin school visits we are able to escort and collect the child from school to support our families.