Parents - West Melton Kindergarten

Creating Confident,
Competent and Active Learners,
healthy in mind, body and spirit.


Family Involvement

The West Melton Kindergarten, Nursery and Learning Centre values parent and whanau involvement. We have an open door policy and parents/caregivers are welcome to call in anytime. Whanau and extended family members are welcome to be involved in the centre where possible. Feel free to come and enjoy your child’s birthday and participate in group times. Parents are a child’s ‘first teacher’ and we would like to work alongside you in teaching and caring for your child and continuing with their home routines at our centre. Teachers will discuss with you your child’s learning and ask for input into your child’s learning goal.

Portfolio books record your child’s learning and developments and we would appreciate your contribution if you wish.

Newsletters and centre messages are emailed frequently. Policies are reviewed monthly and placed on the parent notice board for your information.

Home away from home – you are welcome anytime.

Meals – Kai

Children are to bring their own morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a clearly labelled drink bottle.

We are a “nut free” centre. This means that we encourage parents/caregivers to ensure that no nuts are included in their children’s lunches, e.g. Nutella, peanut butter, muesli bars, etc.

Infants or children still on breast milk or formula are to have their bottles and formula clearly marked.  In line with Ministry of Education best practices for bottle feeding, we advise parents to bring in the formula and bottles not already made up.  They will be made up just prior to being offered to your child. Children on formula will only be fed formula provided by their parents.

Please indicate on Enrollment Form any food allergies your child has.

You are welcome to provide special treats to share with other children on your child’s birthday or special occasion. Your whanau is welcome to join us for the occasion. If you are supplying any food to the centre i.e. baking, birthday cake etc., you will need to supply the centre with a list of ingredients for our food records please.


Please bring your child in comfortable, easy to wash play clothes that will not suffer with messy and/or sandpit play. Please name and provide a complete change of clothes in your child’s bag at all times. During the summer months please provide a sunhat and during the winter months please provide warm clothing and appropriate footwear.

Infants and children still in nappies are to bring their own nappies. Wipes will be provided by the centre.

Sunscreen will be provided for your child.


First and foremost, your child’s medication should be administered at home.  If your child requires additional medication throughout the day, the following procedure should be followed.  Write your child’s name, medication, dosage and the time of administration in the medication book which is located in each learning area. The teacher in your child’s room will counter sign the request.

All medication must be clearly labelled with your child’s name and dosage.  We are unable to extend any dosage amounts on the labels, or administer any medication that has expired or doesn’t have your child’s name recorded.

Please ensure staff are aware of the appropriate way to store your child’s medication.  i.e. if it needs to be refrigerated.

If your child requires ongoing medication for conditions such as asthma, please ask a teacher for a permanent medication form.  This form will include questions like severity of attacks, warning signs, method for acute care etc.

The staff administering medication will document in the Medication book the time of administration and any other related information to this.